Scent Trail

Bait Tip #1 - Marinated Meat

    Most folks know that catfish are capable of sniffing out choice morsels of food even at great distances, and even in highly turbid water. But cats can also be highly sensitive and selective to the tastes of the baits they choose to bite. It’s why many anglers choose to enhance their presentations with a favorite scent additive. Particularly when rigging cut bait, the addition of scent can re-invigorate a chunk that’s been in the water for a while, replacing the powerful juices that attract fish and trigger bites.
     Professional guides and tournament anglers go a step beyond spraying baits with scent. Using a bait cooler, serious anglers often pre-cut a dozen or so baits, and soak them in a fish-oil based scent product, such as Scent Trail or Super Spike. Baits can be marinated for an hour or more, or simply dipped into the solution for a quick scent recharge. Further, larger cutbaits or whole dead baitfish, such as skipjack and suckers can be injected with scent for a powerful infusion of juices.